Wednesday, November 18, 2015


A special note from your innkeepers
Dear Hopeful Aspiring Innkeepers,
It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that we have ended the essay contest with no new owner taking up residence at The High Street Victorian Bed and Breakfast. We did not receive the number of entries we had hoped to be able to turn the keys over to a new owner.
We know that all things happen for a reason, we know that everything starts with a dream. Our dream has been to own and run a bed and breakfast here in MO and to continue to do so closer to family. We are trusting the Lord to show us the next step.

Your essay touched our heart and our lives. The essay contest was emotional for us as we read the essays when they came in, each and every one unique, special and worthy of a win. Choosing a winner would have been near impossible to make.
Right now, we are praying about what our next move will be. We are considering running the contest again in the spring if we can find a way to get the word out to more folks.

For now, the B&B will remain open for business.
We are also praying that someone who fell in love with the High Street Victorian Bed and Breakfast such as we did, who ponders coming home, who dreams of pouring out hospitality to visitors from around the USA and world is still interested. We are praying that you will not give up on the dream, but continue to pursue it.
We are still offering this beautiful B&B for sale, please visit the for sale listing here on

If you are still interested in purchasing this beautiful bed and breakfast, please contact us to arrange a visit or for more information. Please note we are not offering financial information on the business unless you are a prequalified buyer, as it is confidential.
We ARE refunding your entry fee per our agreement and mailing checks... it is a process and all checks should be sent out by 12/15/15.
We truly wish you all the best.
From our hearts to yours,
Gene & Kriss Royer
High Street Victorian B&B
Boonville, MO